Young Ape Island Club

So what is YAIC?

Young ape island club is a 2D multiplayer side-scrolling MOBA game with different characters and abilities. Play to Earn, online, browser-based, fantasy, MOBA on the Solana blockchain.

Top the leaderboard and win the weekly $SOL reward. Defeat your opponents, discover the powers of the characters and create your own strategy.

Participate in tournaments. Earn $SOL and limited edition Merch items.

Young Ape Island Club is a competitive game that can be played 1vs1 or between teams. We aim to add more fun and sustainability to Solana. We need more IRL friends with Web3 and we are trying to present it to you in the best quality and fun way. We have a long roadmap and in the process we will develop this game together with young ape owners. In the first stage, we will present an 8 episodes beta game. We'll follow the roadmap and explain more about our competitive game.

Is it just a game? No, it will be the start of a brand with the Young Ape Island Club community. Already more than 50 clothes, coffee mugs, stickers, bags, etc. We designed the product. When you wear this brand and adopt a young ape, you will be part of a strong community. Our roadmap is quite long ahead and many innovations and opportunities await you, such as gifts, free airdrops, fun activities, social interactions.

Young Ape Island Club


Young Ape Island Club


Young Ape Island Club


Young Ape Island Club

Island Flag

Young Ape Island Club


Our Story

The Young Ape Island Club is a limited and exclusive collection of 1111 Young Apes living in the yet uncharted lands of the Ocean. While these apes live in harmony with each other, they will embark on a mysterious adventure because of their curiosity.

When you adopt a Young Ape, you are not just buying an avatar or artwork. You gain membership access to a club whose benefits and offers will increase over time. You sail to a deserted and mysterious island with the young ape you bought. So what does this island mean? This island with limited quota is only for young ape owners.


Young Ape Island Club

About game

Young ape island club game is a fantastic team-based game with high quality illustrations free for everyone.

Play with your hero now for Early-game advantage and exclusive content!


Welcome to the Young Ape Island Club!

- Website has been launched.

- Our Demo game will be playable at the beginning of April.

- The Demo game will be free to play on our website.

- Mint day! Young Ape Island Club is on Solana!

- Rarity tool integrations.

- OpenSea integration.

- 24/7 YAIC Youtube lofi/hip-hop channel for everyone.


- At this point, our primary focus is to create a robust, active and healthy community. In order to welcome our crowd members, we will give free gifts to our active members from a limited edition special hoodie, t-shirt, coffee mugs, hat and other products. All we have to do is to be a community with respect and love.

- Plenty of Discord events, games, prizes and more!

- Other project Collaborations!

YAIC Community Program

- We will allocate a budget to make our YAIC community more active, productive and conscious. It is valid for everyone who contributes to our project and puts effort into it. Animations, drawings, art, videos, technology etc. related to our project where you can improve your skills.


Mutant Collection

- The apes on the island will accidentally enter the shelter they should not have entered and something will be waiting for them there.

- 2ND Generation 1111 Mutant collections announcement!

- More details about the game will be announced.

- Minting day! Young Ape Island Club Mutant Collection is on Solana!

- Listing on Secondary Market

- Rarity tool integrations.

- OpenSea integration.

- Website update for Mutant theme

Gameplay Development

- Beta game will be tested with our members. The game will be developed by discussing the missing, bug or innovations.

- The game trailer will be shared on the website and social platforms.

- Browser game demo for verified holders (mutants, game modes, and more)

- When everything is ready, public launch of the browser game with all game modes available to holders and guests.

- The game will first be published on our website. NFT owners will be able to delist their NFT and play the game by connecting their wallets to the site.

- The winners in the leaderboard will receive their weekly sol awards. Please review the whitepaper for more details.

- Steam & Epic games integration.

- All proceeds from Steam & Epic games will be used for game development and events for the community.


3D Ape & Mutant Ape AIRDROP

- We will airdrop to young ape owners for free to be 3D Ape and Mutant Ape. These 3D apes will give you clues about how you will look in the Metaverse.

- Free airdrop to 1111 Young ape owners and 1111 Mutant ape owners.

- OpenSea integration.


- We will buy a plot of land where Young Ape owners can hang out and socialize with each other. We will get support so they can do this with their own avatars. As you know, Metaverse is a new concept and we will build houses of our own design on our land and organize various events in order to be together for a long time and have fun together. The aim here is to have fun together and integrate our community.

- Stay tuned for updates and more...

- Let's make Solana more livable and fun.

Game Intros



Young ape island club is a team-based game with different characters and abilities. Free-to-play, online, browser-based, fantasy, role-playing game developed by YAIC Technology and updated on a regular basis.

Our mint date will be announced soon!

1111 Young Apes and 1111 Mutant Apes.

Whitelist Sale 0.25 Sol and Public Sale 0.5 Sol.

Yes, there will be 333 whitelist spots.

Our mint site will be announced soon! Stay Tuned.

As YAIC, we plan to become a brand with an NFT collection. We make great designs and we will send them all over the world. So when you own a YAIC NFT, you will be carrying a brand, not just an avatar.

Phantom and Solflare.

There will 5% royalty. All proceeds will go towards the project and the community.

Our demo game is a beta game consisting of 8 episodes. You can play the game by clicking here.



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